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    Our plans to expand our network of Associates in France and Spain as well as other parts of Europe provides a wonderful opportunity for anyone who is looking to move to Europe and who would like to earn a living. New recruits are not expected to have specific experience of Property Management but they should have some life experience, good interpersonal skills, PC literacy and an abundance of “common sense”.

    Full training and support will be given to all new “Prestige” Associates and this opportunity will appeal to both couples and single people alike. We inevitably end up offering advice and a degree of counselling both before and after people have taken the plunge. Areas of concern that are often addressed include:


    • moving to a new country
    • learning a new language
    • becoming self employed
    • working with your partner
    • integrating into your new community


    Our trusted business partners will also offer guidance with the wider financial aspects of such a move to a European country, to include:

    • Inheritance
    • Mortgages
    • Insurances
    • Savings and investment
    • Currency exchange
    • Pensions

    Anyone already trading as a Property Manager in Europe can apply for the Prestige “Recommended” status.

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